You live in deer country, how many times have you hit a deer or just missed one? It might be just a matter of time. Many of our Guardian Deerguards™ have been sold to individuals living in rural areas that have a large deer population. Since the purchase cost of the guard is considerably less than the normal “insurance deductible,” our product pays for itself in only a short period of time. Each deer guard features heavy rubber padding, a solid welded construction, and uses heavy duty steel uprights. Each guard comes with all of the features offered by the Center Section, then you simply choose whether to add any of our additional crash protection features offered by our Full or Wrap Around guards. Feel free to contact us if you have a question.
The Guardian Deer Guard | Center Section
The Center Section is mounted ito the vehicle frame and protects the most vital part of your vehicle. These guards will also protect the vehicle when slippery winter driving conditions exist, featuring heavy rubber padding to limit any damage to the front of the vehicle. We use 3/8" thick heavy duty solid steel for the vertical uprights
The horizontal cross tubes are constructed of 1 1/4” (1 5/8 O.D.) 40 (thick wall) pipe
The Guardian Deer Guard | Full Guard
Guards are mounted directly to the frame via 1/4” thick x 3” x 3” solid steel brackets
The Full Guard is frame mounted and offers all the crash protection of out other deerguard models, and also gives you additional head lamp protection by adding bolt on wings that extend out to offer full coverage for the front of the vehicle. The Full Guard is designed to protect vehicles that are used in rural areas from sustaining major damage in a collision. Our grill guards are designed so that when a deer is hit the animal will be pushed off to the side of the vehicle similar to the way a snow plow pushes snow; this approach is critical because major vehicle damage is common when the deer goes under the vehicle or through the windshield. Customer testimonials point out that in most instances there is little or no damage to the vehicle, grill, or deer guard after a deer strike.
Each Guardian guard features 100% solid welded construction
Each Guardian deer guard is frame mounted, whereas most of our competitors mount their guards on the bumper. The frame mounted concept significantly increases the strength of the guard because the pushing/crashing weight is transferred to the frame of the vehicle versus just the weaker bumper.
The Guardian Deer Guard | Wrap Around Guard
What happens when you hit a deer at 60MPH without a deer guard?
The Wrap Around Guard adds more vehicle protection because the deer guard wraps around the front sides of the vehicles completely covering the headlamp area. Initially this product was only available to be installed on SUV’s because of its weight, however recent product upgrades have lowered the weight of the product and it can now be mounted on full and mid size vehicles without exceeding the weight limits suggested by the vehicles manufacturer. You may also upgrade from a Center Section or Full Guard to this guard for more protection.
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